Our areas of expertise and services


DLF Security provides security services for small and large events.

We make sure that a document containing all important information is sent beforehand to our staff with information on our mandate, your expectations, the schedule of activities and the map for the event. We customize the service to your needs and our senior supervisor will follow up to ensure the integrity of the contract. In the event of an incident, we always provide you with an event report with all the necessary details. 

Hostesses and Hosts

Our reception staff is according to your needs; courteous, polite, professional, festive, vibrant, and helps you create the atmosphere according to the experience you want to offer your customers. This service is offered by Modus Operandi Logistics.

Detection and search

Our staff is specially trained to perform adequate and rigorous metal detection, while respecting a level of fluidity at the entrances. We are also recognized for out search system of illicit substances. These procedures are done while respecting your security policy and ensuring a positive experience for your customers.

Crowd Control / Front stage

Fencing deployment strategy, adequate positioning as well as making sure customers follow the instructions are part of our team's know-how. Tactical decision-making and speed of action are among the essential qualities of our supervision team.

Instructions, directions, support and customer information

We take care of your event and we make sure that our staff has identified the key elements to disseminate to customers and visitors. Our team ensures a positive experience for your customers at all times and communicates all information effectively. 

Management team

Our management team supports you throughout the process of your event. Very active during planning, we make sure that we meet your needs, both operational and budgetary, while advising you on alternatives that could well be linked to your reality. We are at your disposal 24/7 to respond to any emergency.

Corporatif/ Industriel

DLF Sécurité offers services adapted to the needs of corporations, public services, parapublic services and institutions.

Customer service is at the heart of training our employees to meet your branding needs, knowing that our staff are often the first person your customers will meet. We will identify with you the specifics of the work requested and adapt our training courses so that our work is personalized to your environment. Whatever the situation, DLF Sécurité staff will meet your expectations with the professionalism and discretion that make our reputation.


Our agents ensure the well-being of your physical facilities. They are vigorous, observant, and quick to identify and manage immediate risk. Any potential danger is identified and reported to the customer so that he can take the necessary measures.

Access management

Our agents make sure the sanitary measures are respected and control visitor access according to your policies.

Client information

Our agents can provide information to your visitors and customers while ensuring that procedures are followed.

Close guard

Alone or as a team, we ensure close protection for the safety of our client during their business or private trips by respecting precise procedures, with discretion and in strict compliance with the laws.

Rigor, discipline, keen sense of observation, courtesy, politeness and coolness are the essential qualities of our qualified professional.