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Are you looking for a personalized security service? Trust In Dans la Foule (DLF Securité). We can adapt to any type of contract: equipment or building surveillance, access control, crowd management and searches. Our personalized service will deliver a quote according to your needs and provide the agents who will be able to respond to the assigned tasks. Do you need people to greet your visitors or to maintain your outdoor event? Find out about our additional services with Modus Operandi Logistiques.

Our staff is committed to the success of our service.

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For each cultural or sporting event, regardless of its size, an information document is sent in advance to our agents with information on our mandate, your expectations, the schedule of activities and the site plan of the event. For any other type of contract, we make sure to personalize the service and that important information is transmitted to the agents and our senior supervisor will follow up to ensure that everything is well taken care of.

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Our staff ensure the well-being of your physical facilities. They are vigorous, observant, and quick to identify and manage immediate risk. Any potential danger is identified and reported to the customer so that he can take the necessary measures.

Crowd control
Front stage

Fencing deployment strategy, prevention, adequate positioning as well as dictating instructions to customers are part of our team's know-how. Tactical decision-making and speed of action are among the essential qualities of our supervision team.

Information for visitors

We take your event to heart and make sure that our staff has identified the key elements to disseminate to clients and visitors.

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Nos agents en action à l'Île Soniq et Osheaga 2021
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